How to Draw Flames.

This how to draw flames in a cartoony style is a free drawing lesson in 14 steps. You will need pencil and paper and something to colour the fire drawing with. Felt tip pens are ideal as you will need strong colours red, orange and yellow as well as black.

We begin by sketching out the basic flames. Use curving lines that join and make points. I'm starting with the middle of the fire where it would be hottest.

Now we will sketch around this central part using the same drawing technique.

All the way around the smaller hotter area. Make your sketch random but remember to joint the ends of your curved lines as points. They do not all have to be very sharp but still should end in points.

The next band of flame is further out but the same style.

Build up on both sides.

And over the top.

Now we will join the outer flames along the bottom as if the fire is spluttering along the bottom. You can draw kindling here if you wish but for now stick with what I'm doing. You will see the effectiveness of the technique more clearly.

If you have ever watched a fire you will have seen the way small flames seem to detach from the main fire and disappear. To get this effect sketch some individual flame forms around the fire.

Now go around the pencil with black. This isn't strictly necessary when colouring but I think you will like the effect. Erase any pencil lines left over.

Colour the smallest section yellow but leave an irregular area white.

The next section should be orange.

And the last of the main flame will be in red. Also colour the small flames red.

fire drawing.

Finally use black for the entire background and your colour flames will really pop out.

The white area in the middle is the hottest, the outermost flame is red. This mimics real flames yet looks cartoonish because we have use simple block colours with no intermediate effects. Now try the same drawing without using a black outline. You will get a different look altogether.

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