Draw a Cartoon Snake.

Learn how to draw a cartoon snake in easy stages. This drawing is completed in fifteen steps. After this I went on to do a digital colour drawing but the actual drawing can be done with pencil and paper.

The first thing I do is draw a head.

Now I use a single line to get the direction of the body. It curls around on itself.

The line serves as a guide which I draw either side of. I think of this as thickening the line.

I curve around the line trying to think in three dimensions.

Continuing on.

The next three pictures show how I finish of the body.

I give it two eyes. They are positioned correctly as on a real animal but I make them cartoon like. Large and shaped like eggs.

The snout which also provides me with a smiling mouth.

Bottom jaw and the rest of the head. I am just trying to get the head looking right.

Tear shaped nostrils and a forked tongue.

A few markings on the head.

Pupils making the snake look wide eyed and pleasant.

Refining of the outline and all the markings.

cartoon snake sketch.

This is a line drawing shown for clarity.

Finished digital artwork.

Drawing animals is one of my pleasures and the reason why I have so many pages like this one on the site. If there is any animal you would like me to draw let me know using the contact page on the left and I will do my best to accommodate you and put it up as soon as possible.

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