Draw Cartoon Lips.

Draw cartoon lips with this page as your guide.

When drawing cartoon faces you want to make the features appropriate to the character or style. There are many ways to draw lips. Copy any of these drawings you like and then come up with your own take on the subject.

In the first example you can see a progression on how I might go about it

I could have stopped at stage 1 if I thought it was the right look for my character or I could go on and use either of the next two.

In the next illustration you can follow how I use the lips in an open mouth. You will probably agree with me this is a feminine mouth because the thicker lips do tend to give that impression when drawing simple faces. Generally for males I would use a simple line as in the first example. Obviously this does depend on what kind of drawing I am doing. The ability to draw different types of lips then becomes important for the cartoonist.

Another "feminized" pair of lips. See how they are constructed from two lines plus a little mark in the corner where the smile meets the cheek.

A smiling mouth may be tackled like this.

It's almost like drawing a banana. Note how it is made from six lines. Not complicated is it?

More naturalistic lips may be needed if you are drawing a certain type of comic strip.

See the progression from step to step?

And finally here is an illustration of several types of cartoon lips. What do they suggest to you? Draw them and see what type of face you think should go with them.

There is a variety of types. Some naturalistic, some very simple and others inbetween. Try them all and then change the expressions. You will get some interesting effects.

Cartoon Lips.

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